• AAA Ability LifeBoost
  • About AAA Ability LifeBoost

    Everything needs a little love and a little TLC. Even your appliances that work so hard for you. Your appliances deserve a much needed " Life Boost". 

    Is your washer or dishwasher smelly or not cleaning well? Is your Dryer taking too long to dry or your Refrigerator running all the time? Are your appliances using more electricity than they should? We can help.

    Keeping your appliances operating clean and efficient will allow your appliance to have a chance to live a long lifetime. AAA Ability LifeBoost enhances the care of your appliances by providing in home care for not one but four of your major in-home appliances. Let our professionals perform scheduled Life Boosting TLC cleaning, and inspection every six months

    AAA Ability LifeBoost includes the following:
    • 10% OFF Future AAA Ability Service Appointments*
    • Laundry Leak Alarm System
    • Internal Washing Machine Deep Cleaning
    • Washing Machine Mechanical Parts and Hose Inspection
    • Dryer Internal Lint  Clean-out
    • Dryer Exhaust Venting Inspection
    • Dryer Temperature Checkup
    • Dryer Mechanical Parts Inspection
    • Refrigerator Undercarriage Deep Cleaning
    • Refrigerator Water Filter Checkup
    • Dishwasher Internal Deep Cleaning

    To learn more about AAA Ability LifeBoost or schedule service give AAA Ability Appliance a call at (706) 380-5886!
  • *Some exclusions may apply depending on the type of services rendered. Lifeboost is not intended to make appliance new again, nor rebuild, but to help it operate more effective, and efficient. LIfeBoost pricing is subject to change. Pricing only covers what is described and does not include cost of parts and/or labor of parts you choose to have replaced.  Laundry leak alarm system, is a Point of Use Device and is intended only to help alert a user of a leak, but should not be your sole source of Leak Prevention.  Not all appliances are serviced by AAA Ability Appliance. Not all areas are serviced by AAA Ability Appliance.